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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

5 Apps That Should Be On A Teachers Phone

A smart phone is an indispensable tool in the classroom.  As a teacher, you have to be prepared to do things in the classroom at a moments notice.  Some of those things might include classroom management tasks or jotting down a note.  And, it helps to have a small, mobile device to help you do those tasks.
To help in the classroom, there are five apps that should be on every teachers smart phone.

Post It Plus

Sticky notes for your iPhone.  Available for iOS, Post It Plus allows you to take a note on a virtual sticky note.  Simply tap the “+” button take a quick note, jot down a reminder, or create a to-do.  Post It Plus allows you to group sticky notes into “boards.”  Perhaps you want to group your sticky notes according to class subject or tasks.  Post It Plus also allows you add a photo to your sticky notes.  A great way to take a quick note.


Ok, so there are two apps here (So there’s really 6 apps, not 5).  They are both made by the same people and go hand in hand in your productivity workflow.
The ever-popular Evernote.  Evernote is all-purpose note taking app available on all platforms.  Set up various notebooks in Evernote based on class period or topic.  You can add pictures to your notes as well as sync them across devices.
Scannable is made by the good people at Evernote and is the perfect companion to Evernote.  Take a quick scan of student work, and share it to various apps.  Along with being a great scanner app, it saves your scans directly to Evernote.  If you have Evernote, you should have Scannable.

Google Keep

Google Keep works across all devices.  If you yourself are using a Chromebook, Google Keep should be your must app for note-taking.  You can add pictures, to-do lists, and even sketch out notes.  You can ad a drawing and image to your notes.  Create a to-do list and ad collaborators to your notes.  In a Google Classroom, Keep is a must.

Google Classroom

A must for the Google Classroom!  If you’re using Google Classroom to manage your class, this app has to be on your phone.  The functionality is virtually the same as it would be using a computer.  The app allows for the addition of classes, the posting of assignments and announcements.  You can use your phone to review and mark-up class assignments.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a really good classroom management app where students are rewarded for positive behavior.  And, on that same note, you can take points away for negative behavior.  This app is especially useful on a mobile device because while you’re monitoring students, you can simply take out your phone and reward behavior.  Students get a kick out of accruing points and can become competitive, therefore promoting positive behavior in your class.

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