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Thursday, March 29, 2018

6 New Things To Try In Your iPad Classroom

If you’ve got iPad's in your classroom, Apple's March Education Event gave teachers a few extra tools.
  1. Apple has incorporated the capabilities of the the Mac’s iBooks Author app into its Pages app for iOS.  This means that you can now create ebooks that can be shared to the iBooks store.  Creating ebooks has never been so simple.
  1. Apple’s iWork suite of apps supports what they call “smart annotation.”  Teachers can write on a document in which the annotations stay anchored on the page.  So subsequent document editing will provide for the annotations, not typing under the annotations or over them.  Instead, editing will go around the annotations.
  1. Now, collaboration is much easier with the iPad.  Apple added “real time collaboration” to their iWork suite.  Now groups of students can work on a document in real time.
  1. Pages now comes with a new “presenter mode.”  This new mode makes it easier to do two things: use Pages as a whiteboard, presenting what you have on the big screen in easier to read font.  And, should the need to pressing a speech, presenter mode makes it easier to read and scroll the text in the document.
  1. The Schoolwork App is on its way.  The Schoolwork app is Apples answer to Google’s Classroom app.  The app will allow the teachers to point students to a particular app, check on student progress while they are working in an app, and create handouts for students.
  1. Teachers can now manage their class from their Mac! The Classroom app, once only available on iOS, is coming to the Mac. 

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