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Saturday, March 31, 2018

5 Apps To See If Your Students “Get It”

I'm not talkin' about an app to use for formal assessments, although you can use some of the apps for a formal test.  I'm talkin' about those apps where you can quickly insert an assessment in order to see if your students "get it."  Or, perhaps you want to do a quick review of the previous days material.  These apps will most certainly help you out:

1. Socrative: A fantastic app that can be used with Chromebooks or iPads.  Socrative is great to use for an exit or entrance ticket.  Socrative also has a "quick question" option where you can ask a question of your class on the fly.

2. Nearpod: A great interactive presentation app, available both online and as an iOS app.  You can make a quiz as part of your lesson.  Or, if you prefer, insert quiz questions throughout the Nearpod lesson and monitor your students learning as the students work through the Nearpod.

3. Pear Deck: Another good interactive presentation app that works great with Google Classroom in that you can post your "Takeaways" to your Google Classroom and send to your students Google Drive.  Pear Deck allows the teacher to verbally ask a quick question, giving your students a space in the Pear Deck in which to answer.

4. Seesaw: A super app to use for student portfolios.  While students are working in the app, it's easy for the teacher to insert a quick question for the students to address to check for understanding.

5. Kahoot: A staple in most tech based classrooms.  Kahoot makes it easy to put together a couple of questions and take the temperature of your class.  Gamify your check for understanding with Kahoot!

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