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Monday, February 12, 2018

EquatIO: A Must Have Chrome Extension For STEM Teachers!

Rejoice math and science teachers of the world!  You have an extension to Google Chrome that works great with Google Docs and Google Forms!  That extension is EquatIO!  My tone of excitement stems from knowing that EquatIO is awesome!  Ok, no more exclamation points.  Equatio is an easy way to integrate Chromebook's into math and science classrooms.

In the EdTech universe, apps for math seemed to have lagged behind those apps that can be used more easily with English and Social Studies.  EquatIO levels the playing field with its ease of use and the simple way it's used with Google Docs.

Add the EquatIO extension to Google Chrome and you're off and running.  After creating a new Google Doc, clicking the EquatIO button on the browser opens the EquatIO toolbar on the bottom of the document.  The toolbar contains the equation editor from which you'll fashion your equations.  One of the cool aspects of EquatIO is that it predicts what you want to say and inserts it into your equation.  For example, typing 2xsq will tip EquatIO to type your equation with the superscript while typing 2pl will tell EquatIO to insert the "+" symbol.  Cool huh?  Also, anything you insert into a document, you can extract as well into the EquatIO editor for further editing.

Formulas are also included in EquatIO's prediction abilities.  For example, type "qu" and you'll get various formulas such as the quadratic formula.  Chemistry compound predictions are also included in Equation.

EquatIO has two other components that make EquatIO a must for STEM teachers.  The first is its handwriting component.  Use your trackpad or stylus to write out an equation and Equatio will translate it into a clean type that can be exported into your Google Doc.  The other part is speech recognition.  Speak an equation and EquatIO will filter out the non-math terms and create your math formula or problem.

If you're a STEM teacher, you need to get EquatIO!

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