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Friday, February 2, 2018

5 Ways to Deliver Interactive Presentations

 — Nearpod and PearDeck are both great interactive presentation apps. I put them together because they’re the same type of presentation app. As the teacher, you can insert assessments, videos, polls, and drawing activities. The students are engaged because they are literally participating in the presentation.

Google Slides Q&A — Ask students to post ideas, questions, or comments to your Google Slides presentation. During the presentation, the teacher is gathering questions and comments that are posed by the participants. Students can then vote on which questions or comments they find most relevant then, the teacher can show the questions on the presentation screen and address each question individually.

Socrative — Use Socrative to pose questions periodically throughout the presentation. Have students use their notes to address the questions in Socrative. The questions can be multiple choice, true/false, or short answer.

Recap — Use Recap for student questions and comments. The teacher can choose discussion topics from the lecture. Then, during the lecture, teachers can post questions on Recap for the students to address. It can be used as a safe classroom chat tool. Teachers can use Recap not only pose questions for the students to answer, but use it for student discussion, digging deeper into the topic.

EdPuzzle — Record your lecture and have your students answer questions about the lecture. EdPuzzle is not only great to insert questions into professional videos and documentaries, but teachers can upload their own lectures, then, insert questions throughout their lecture. This is a great way to flip your classroom or plan for a day where the teacher is physically not in the classroom.

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