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Friday, February 2, 2018

10 Apps Students Can Use to Storyboard

1. Storyboard That: Works great with Chromebooks. The free version allows for 3 or six cells. Students can customize the scene, the characters, and numerous other aspects of their storyboard.

2. Google Slides/Keynote: Tools you likely already have access to if you have Chromebooks or iPads. Students can add pictures and text to their slides to create a storyboard with as many slides as they want.

3. Book Creator: Students can create a short book with pictures and text that can be used to storyboard a video project.

4. Trello: Trello is a great organizer. But it’s also so much more. Students can create columns for each scene, then detail each scene according to the column.

5. Canva: Canva is essentially a blank canvas where students can choose from a variety of templates to create a storyboard. They can choose from templates such as a photo collage, presentations, and posters. Each poster or photo collage could serve as a specific scene.

6. Popplet: Great for mapping out a project . Popplet is a mind mapping app that allows for the insertion of pictures and allows for the ability to draw ideas in a cell.

7. MindNode: Another mindmap/concept mapping app. Like Popplet, students can insert pictures, change colors and styles of the map. A fantastic app for mapping out the entire project on a single sheet.

8.Paper by 53: Paper is…paper. Paper allows for the use of various drawing tools on a blank canvas. Students can create a notebook where they can draw out each scene and insert text where appropriate. After the storyboard is complete, the notebook can be exported as a PDF.

9. Evernote: A fantastic note-taking app. First, create a notebook for the project. Second, add a new note for each scene or section. Allows for the insertion of pictures as well.

10. Paste by 53: From the people that brought you Paper, Paste is a new take on the slide deck. Paste features a simple drag and drop interface where, along with text, you can insert pictures, links, and documents. And, Paper integrates very nicely with Paste. Simply drag from Paper into Paste.

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