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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

5 Ways a Teacher Can Digitally Poll Their Class.

The use of digital polling in the classroom can benefit the teacher in many ways, including:
-Letting the teacher know which materials need to be covered again.
-Improving classroom engagement.  More students can participate at the same time using technology.
-Getting those students who are less likely to participate in class to take part in the class discussion. 

Below are some great ways to take a poll in your class and check for understanding:

Answer Garden:  An easy way to assess your class.  Prepare a few questions before class to assess the days learning.  Then, at the end of the class, pose the Answer Garden questions to get an idea of where the class stands in their learning.  The most repeated answer is shown in larger text.  Answer Garden includes a couple of key options.  One option is the Answer Garden mode where the teacher chooses whether they answers can be moderated or whether an answer can be submitted only once.  The other option is spam filter.  The spam filter removes unwanted answers (such as inappropriate language) in the Answer Garden.

Google Classroom Poll Feature:  For those of you knee deep in Google Classroom, this is a welcome feature.  This feature is included in the Google Classroom stream.  Simply click the "plus" button on the bottom right, choose "create question," and type away.  The question and student answer will appear in the class stream.  This is great for not only checking for understanding during class but asking students to answer the question for homework as part of a flipped classroom.

Mentimeter:  Takes a few more moments to create questions on the fly, but it can be done.  Like the other poll apps, Menitmeter allows the teacher to check students for understanding.  Mentimeter is unique in that the teacher can choose from various question types such as multiple choice and word cloud.  Mentimeter is great to have prepared before class and institute as a warm-up and end of day exit ticket.

Kahoot:  Gamify your check for understanding with Kahoot!  Set aside ten minutes at the end of class for a review Kahoot.  Include review questions of the days topic.  At the end of the game, a game report is available for download, letting the teacher know not only which questions the students need work on, but which students need extra help.

Socrative:  Check for understanding with the "Exit Ticket" and "Quick Question" options.  With "exit ticket," the teacher is given three questions to present to the students.  Those questions ask the students what they learned that day, how well did they understand the material and an open-ended teacher generated question.  With the quick question option, the teacher can give the kids one of three types of questions.  The teacher gets the results in real time.  Excellent to find out which students need a little extra help and which areas of study should be reviewed.

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