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Friday, November 24, 2017

5 Reasons Why A School Staff Should Blog

Blogging can be a fantastic tool for school staff!  As an administrator, it's a great way to keep the staff informed and for school transparency.  As a classroom teacher, a blog can keep parents and the rest of the staff informed about what's going on in their classroom.

1. Keep the staff updated.  Instead of a weekly newsletter, use a blog.  This is a great way for the administration to keep the staff updated on school events and upcoming important dates.  Talk about upcoming school events: plays, fundraisers, school sports, meetings, etc.

2. Discuss your goals and values.  A great way to onboard new staff.  Share posts about school values and school goals.  Keep the staff in the know about what the school is doing to achieve those goals and how the staff exemplifies those values.

3. If you're the principal, let your staff contribute. Let the staff comment, give suggestions, or voice concerns.

4. Put interesting forms on your blog.  Provide links to Google Forms or other survey apps.  Keep the staff feeling the ownership of the school by asking their opinions on certain aspects of the school.  Then share the results on the blog.

5.  Use a blog for transparency. Talk about what's going on in at your school and in your classroom.  Share what's going on in your classroom with the staff and student families.

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