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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Teacher Is In Control With Kidblog

We all know that writing is an integral part of the classroom.  One way to get kids writing is by having them create a blog.  Blogging is not only one way to get the kids writing, but they can also share and comment on each other's ideas.  And, blogging is a paperless writing exercise so no need to collect papers!

One blog platform you could use to get your kids blogging in the classroom is Kidblog (  Kidblog is a blogging platform tailored for the classroom.  With Kidblog, the teacher is in complete control.  From who can see the posts to who can comment, Kidblog puts the teacher in total control of the blog.

It's easy for your students to join the blog, either by getting a code from the teacher or by going to a specific address.  As I said, the teacher has complete administrative control over student accounts.  Student blogs are private by default with the teacher being the only one that has access.  Blogs must have teacher approval before they can be seen by other students.

Whether you want your students to write about a specific topic or reflect on the day, Kidblog is a great way to engage your students in writing.  I recommend checking it out!

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