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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Edpuzzle: Videos At Your Own Speed

The days of printing out a worksheet for the students to complete while watching a video are over. Edpuzzle is interacitve video viewing at its best.

Whether its a trip to the computer lab or if you're lucky enough for each of your students to have access to a computer in the classroom, you must implement Edpuzzle into your classroom.
Edpuzzle is a video service that allows a teacher to insert questions for a student to answer while watching a video. Be forewarned, on the day the students are assigned a video, make sure they have headphones or earbuds, otherwise, you'll get the sounds of the video playing at various times--it can sound chaotic.

While the students watch the video, the teacher can monitor their progress. After the students have completed the video, the teacher can go back and review each students answers for later discussion.
Edpuzzle works well with Google Classroom. Edpuzzle provides you with the option to upload your Google Classroom rosters. And, when you make assignments in Edpuzzle, you're asked if you would like to make it an assignment in Google Classroom as well. Once you've created your classes, you can use Edpuzzle to search for a particular video based on your topic from various resources such as YouTube, Khan Academy, and Crash Course (to name a few).

After choosing a particular video, you can insert your own questions at various points where you want students to focus. During the video, the questions pop up at your prescribed point while the video pauses. Once the student answers it, the video continues. If a student doesn't remember the answer to a question, they can simply replay that segment until they get the answer.
Edpuzzle is a great way to individualize the viewing of a classroom video. It keeps the students engaged while constantly checking for understanding. Edpuzzle is another tool every teacher should have in their toolbox.

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